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Cary Moskovitz (Lead PI), Duke University. Professor of the Practice and Director of Writing in the Disciplines, Thompson Writing Program. Cary’s articles and essays related to teaching writing or text recycling have appeared in  publications as The Chronicle of Higher Education, ScienceCollege Composition and Communication, Research Integrity and Peer Review, and the Journal of College Science Teaching. He has served as a consultant on writing pedagogy and led faculty workshops at a number of U.S. colleges and universities.


Chris Anson, North Carolina State University. Distinguished University Professor and Director of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program. Past Chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication and Past President of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, Chris has published articles and book chapters on citation practices and plagiarism and chaired the Council of Writing Program Administrators Task Force on Plagiarism. He has been an expert witness in legal cases involving plagiarism and citation practices of students and faculty.


Ian Anson, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Assistant Professor of Political Science. Ian studies public opinion, quantitative text analytics, and the scholarship of teaching and learning and serves on the board of the Journal of Writing Analytics. His current research projects investigate student writing using “text-as-data” approaches and developing an analytic approach to identifying instances text recycling in published papers.


Susanne Hall, California Institute of Technology. Campus Writing Coordinator and Lecturer in Writing. Dr. Hall is the founding co-editor of the open access journal Prompt: A Journal of Academic Writing Assignments. In addition to her work on text recycling, she is currently investigating how statistical analysis helps us understand who does and does not make use of college writing centers. An additional area of interest is the design and publishing replicable studies about writing centers.


Michael Pemberton, Georgia Southern University. Professor of Writing and Linguistics and director of the University Writing Center. Past president of the International Writing Centers Association; has published six books and over fifty articles on writing center theory, ethics, and technologies. Serves on the editorial and review boards of multiple journals and is editor of the journal Across the Disciplines. He also serves as the Series Editor for Across the Disciplines Books (UP Colorado).


David Hanson, Duke University Libraries. Director of Copyright and Scholarly Communications. Formerly Faculty Research Librarian at UNC School of Law and Fellow at UC Berkeley Law Digital Library Copyright Project. Has written and taught extensively on legal and ethical dimensions of copyright, publishing, and access to information—including mass digitization, copyright protection of metadata, and issues related to expanding copyright protection of traditional knowledge. He has contributed to briefs filed on behalf of libraries, academic authors, and legal scholars including Authors Guild v. Google (Google Books digitization case) and Authors Guild v. HathiTrust (research library digitization), and has actively participated in submitting comments and speaking at roundtables hosted by federal agencies on library copyright issues. Holds a J.D. and an M.S. in Information and Library Science.

Agnes Gambill, Head of Scholarly Communications, Appalachian State University. Formerly Senior Staff Editor for the North Carolina Journal of International Law.

Wayne Norman, Duke University. Professor of Ethics in the Kenan Institute for Ethics andthe Department of Philosophy. Specializes in business ethics, having published extensively ontopics in political philosophy, political economy, and business ethics. His articles have beentranslated into at least 10 languages and he has held visiting appointments in seven countrieson four continents. Associate Editor of Business Ethics Quarterly.

David Resnick, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Bioethicist and IRBChair. Also Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, North Carolina StateUniversity. Associate Editor for the journal Accountability in Research. Research interestsinclude ethical, legal, social, and philosophical issues in science. Has published broadly onissues of scientific ethics including articles on plagiarism, authorship policies, and RCR training.Member, National Institutes of Health Committee on the Conduct of Science.